At what age does critical thinking develop?

A younger child starting at the age of 2 year old can understand what items are, they may know the names and what they look like. They do this by critically thinking about each object. They are starting to develop conversational skills, these skills take time to develop which is why their skill change overtime.

Within this stage adolescents begin to obtain the power to suppose abstractly in addition to develop the aptitude to conduct higher-order reasoning skills. Although developmental scientists used to imagine that infants are egocentric—that is, centered on their very own perceptions and experience—they now understand that the alternative is true. Infants are aware at an early stage that folks have different psychological states, and this motivates them to strive to determine what others are feeling, intending, wanting, and thinking, and the way these psychological states have an effect on their behavior. They are beginning, in different words, to develop a concept of thoughts, and although their understanding of mental states begins very merely, it quickly expands .